Metal Monolith Statue spotted in Eastern Kentucky

As most fans of art and strange occurrences, I've been very interested in the news stories concerning seemingly random appearances of metal structures being spotted across the globe and being removed shortly after. Part of the fun of these stories is the mystery surrounding them, even though recently some artist have spoken, claiming credit for … Continue reading Metal Monolith Statue spotted in Eastern Kentucky

Digital Art Exhibition – NOW LIVE!

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Time Travel Tourists

Season 2 Episode 21 Imagine you had your very own, brand spankin’ new time machine. What would you do? Where would you go? What would you change if that is possible at all? For the season finale I posed one simple question… “What would you do if you could time travel?”. Aaaand let me tell … Continue reading Time Travel Tourists

Dali the Rebel

Season 2 Episode 20 Artists are rebels by nature, but few have left a lasting impact on all media like Salvador Dali! Film, fashion, furniture… this man did it all! And did so with some very questionable behavior so HEADS UP, GUYS!!! This one gets NSFW, because you can’t talk about Dali without mentioning his … Continue reading Dali the Rebel

Listener Stories

Things that go bump in the night Submitted by Jeremy D. Wells I grew up next door to a cemetery and one day I came home to my washing machine being flipped upside down in its exact spot, and also I use to roller blade in the garage and I SWEAR I felt a … Continue reading Listener Stories


Season 2 Episode 17 What happens when you get three Kentucky childhood best friends together? You get a slightly NSFW episode of Weird Appalachia! Landline singing competitions, creepy old houses, teaching each other about the birds and the bees, terrorizing our teachers… when you’ve known each other as long as we have, you’ve got PLENTY … Continue reading HOLLER KIDS