Metal Monolith Statue spotted in Eastern Kentucky

As most fans of art and strange occurrences, I’ve been very interested in the news stories concerning seemingly random appearances of metal structures being spotted across the globe and being removed shortly after. Part of the fun of these stories is the mystery surrounding them, even though recently some artist have spoken, claiming credit for the Utah monolith. As for the recent appearance in Eastern Kentucky, the mystery remains.

Prestonsburg, Kentucky was one of the last places I ever expected to see one of these installations, but here we are. When a friend shared a local news station’s coverage with me I immediately realized where this thing had been placed – near the entrance to the Prestonsburg Walmart, to either the delight or dismay of several small businesses.

Upon closer examination, I can see that great care went into the creation and display of the monolith. The bottom has been balanced and bolted into the ground. After seeing the creation for myself, I was able to find a video posted by vlogger Nanang Mrikah, in which close-up details of the structure were captured.

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