Hillbilly Art Riot

Season 2 Episode 14

IT’S OUR 40TH EPISODE!! Kentucky sure can throw an art shindig! Join Erin and Jess as we share all the details about the truly unique art culture in our small, rural towns! LISTEN HERE

In The Episode:

  • Our favorite galleries: a hillbilly artist’s dream come true!
  • Being an artist in a small town & pricing work
  • The eclectic bunch of Kentuckians making AMAZING ART!
instagram.com/erinaliseconley | Photos: Erin Alise Conley
instagram.com/jess_slayer_art | Photos: Jessica Salyer
instagram.com/bugstpaulart | Photos: Bug St. Paul
instagram.com/jennnobleart | Photos: Jenn Noble
instagram.com/jasonshepardofficial | Photos: Jason Shepard
kenswinson.com | Photos: Ken Swinson, KET
Art by Krista Graham | Photos: Krista Graham
instagram.com/artbylacyhale | Photos: Lacy Hale
instagram.com/thaea.donna.art | Photos: Thaea Moon

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