BMB: Coal Miner’s Daughter

In our all-new episode we are discussing one of our favorite movies of all time. Yea, sure… we named this series “Bad Movie Banter”, but let’s get one thing clear right up front. Coal Miner’s Daughter is an EXCELLENT film! Our banter on the other hand, that’s up to you guys.

Appalachia, and in our experience especially Eastern Kentucky, is RICH with talent. artists, writers, and musicians are plenty here, and our area has seen its share of success stories with one of the most influential being Ms. Loretta Lynn. She has played an enormous role in the lives of locals and her music speaks volumes about her home. So it only comes natural that a movie about her life would be an Appalachian treasure!

In the Episode:

  • Good ole’ Butcher Holler
  • The uncanny representation of Eastern Kentucky in the Film
  • Loretta Lynn. She is who she is. Take it or leave it, y’all!
  • Loretta & Dolittle’s relationship
  • You know what they say about bologna!
  • The beauty, hilarity, and frustration of having an Eastern Kentucky accent


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